Walking with God

Walking with God: An Introduction to Spirituality

An opportunity to reflect on our walk with God by exploring different resources, (ancient and modern), which can enable the path of faith.  The eight sessions are: (the middle sessions may not be run in this order)

Session 1: Introduction to Spirituality

How do we know it when we see it?

Session 2: No Smooth Pathway

How does scripture resource the ups and downs of the journey?

Session 3: Rhythm

Drawing on Celtic spirituality

Session 4: Contemplation

Experiencing Julian of Norwich

Session 5: Journey

Introducing the Ignatian path

Session 6: Spiritual heritage of Baptists

People in our tradition mark out a distinctive way

Session 7: Evangelical spirituality

‘Amazing Grace’

Session 8: Reflecting and resourcing

Art and other resources for further journeying

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