Text and Context

Text and Context: A Closer look at Matthew and Romans

This module flows naturally from Exploring the Story and provides an opportunity to consider the Gospel of Matthew and the letter to the Romans in greater detail.  The module will consider both the text and the context of these two ‘books’ and reflect on the contribution of recent scholarship to our understanding.

Session 1:  Good News in the Gospel of Matthew

How did Matthew present the ‘good news’ to his community?

Session 2:  Matthew’s Portrayal of Jesus

What is the particular contribution of Matthew to our understanding of who Jesus is?

Session 3:  Discipleship in Matthew’s Gospel

What are the particular implications for discipleship found in Matthew?

Session 4: Mission in Matthew’s Gospel

Explore the great commission of Matthew 28 in the context of the Gospel.

Session 5:  Reading Paul’s Letter to the Church in Rome

What can we learn about the context of Romans from its content?

Session 6:  The Centre of the Gospel

What was the Gospel that Paul brought to Rome?

Session 7:  A Detailed Study: Romans Chapter 8

A detailed case study of Romans 8.

Session 8:  A Thematic Investigation: Paul’s Gospel and the Roman Empire

How did the context of the Roman Empire impact Christians in Rome?

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