Speaking about God

Speaking about God: An Introduction to Theology

This module introduces a model of theology which will help participants to develop a way of thinking theologically.  There will be an opportunity to consider some of the major themes in Christian Thought and reflect on how these impacts our understanding of pastoral and mission practice.

Session 1: Introducing Theology

What is theology and why should it be an integral part of Christian discipleship?

Session 2: Looking Through Different Lenses

An opportunity to consider how people of other cultures image the Gospel story.

Session 3: Recognising Tools and Resources

How can we learn to think theologically?

Session 4: Developing Tools and Resources

Past generations of believers have left a legacy of resources for us to use, but how can we access these faithfully today?

Session 5: Theology Themes – Creation

A case study in the doctrine of creation.

Session 6: Theology Themes – Experience of Salvation

A case study in the doctrine of atonement.

Session 7: Theology Themes – Nature of the Church

A case study in the nature and purpose of the church.

Session 8: Doing Theology as Disciples

Where do we go from here?

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