Living in God’s world

Living in God’s World: Engaging with Contemporary Culture

This module will provide an opportunity to explore a number of questions which will help us to reflect on the nature of the church in its calling in the world.  Areas considered will include cultural changes in society, the beliefs and values other faith communities, and the implications of pluralism for Christian discipleship in today’s world.

Session 1: Christ and Culture

Looking at traditional answers to the nature of the church and its calling in the world.

Session 2: A model for engaging with culture

Developing a cycle of reflection to aid engagement with culture.

Session 3: Turn that down!

Listening to contemporary music.

Session 4: Shop ‘til you drop!

The challenge of an all-consuming society

Session 5: The big screen

The impact of film and its commentary on life’s big questions.

Session 6: Multi-faith, multi-cultural Britain

Recognising the challenge of living in a multi-faith, multicultural pluralist society.

Session 7: What do other faiths believe?

Explore the beliefs of one major world faith.

Session 8: Living in God’s World

How do we learn to live authentic Christian lives in twenty-first century Britain?

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