Getting Ready for Preaching

Getting Ready for Preaching

This module is aimed at equipping those who preach in the local church.  There will be an opportunity to reflect on the nature and role of the sermon within Christian worship and consider some different ways of using the Bible in preaching and models of sermon construction.  Attention will also be given to developing communication skills to enable effective delivery.

Session 1: Preaching as an Event

Considering preaching as communication enabled by God in the context of worship.

Session 2:  Staying Close to the Text

Recognising the importance of using the text appropriately.

Session 3:  Exploring Ways of Using the Bible

Introducing study skills.  How do we read a text for preaching?

Session 4:  Staying Close to the Task

Reflecting on the purpose of preaching and the importance of being true to the task.

Session 5:  Exploring Ways of Constructing a Sermon

Introducing different types of sermons

Session 6:  Staying Close to People

Understanding your context.

Session 7:  Exploring Ways of Connecting With Context

Introducing the use of illustrations and communication skills.

Session 8:  Staying Close to Yourself

Recognising the spirituality and the presence of the preacher.

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