Getting Ready for Worship

Getting Ready for Worship

This module is designed to encourage and enable those who lead worship in the local church.   Each session will reflect on a particular aspect of worship and help you to develop skills and confidence in leading worship.

Session 1: What is Worship?

An exploration of the theology of worship using contemporary experience, historical and biblical material.

Session 2: Spirituality in Worship

Recognising the breadth of worship.  Components of Baptist worship, including needs/wants/interests of a congregation.

Session 3: Prayers and Praying

Leading people in prayer

Session 4: Using the Bible

Ways of using the Bible in worship.

Session 5: Music and Singing

Using music and singing to enhance worship.

Session 6: Worship through the year & Special Services

Following the Christian Year and responding to local, national and international contexts.

Session 7: The Lord’s Supper

Thinking about the theology and practise of Communion in a Baptist church.

Session 8:  Crafting a Service

Shaping the service and environment/place of worship

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