Exploring the Story

Exploring the Story: An Introduction to the Bible

A module which provides an introduction to the diversity of literature found within the Bible and the part they play in the book.  Beginning with an overview of the biblical story, the core sessions provide an opportunity to explore some of the different types of books found in the Bible.  The final session considers a number of issues relating to interpretation of the Bible today.

Session 1: Called to the Journey

An Introduction to the Biblical Story

Session 2: Called to Freedom

An Introduction to Biblical History

Session 3: Called Back to the Future

An Introduction to Biblical Prophecy

Session 4: Called to Life and Worship

An Introduction to the Psalms and Wisdom Literature

Session 5: Called to Live Together

An Introduction to the New Testament Letters

Session 6: Called to Follow

An Introduction to the Gospels

Session 7: Called to Hope

An Introduction to Apocalyptic Literature

Session 8: Called to Continue

Reading the Bible Today

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