Doing the Right Thing?

Doing the Right Thing?: Moral Choices in Today’s World

Working Together at Mission and Ministry in the local church demands constant engagement with ethics and this module is designed to help participants think through and respond to ethical issues.

Session 1: Introducing Ethics

Explore the nature of Christian Ethics recognising the complexity of some ‘simple’ issues.

Session 2: How Have we Got Here?

Consider some of the ‘popular’ ethical theories.

Session 3: Using the Bible

Consider how we can use the Bible in ethics.

Session 4: Thinking Ethically

Think about how we make ethical decisions. Introduce an ‘ethical cycle’ for considering issues.

Session 5: An eye for an eye…  Thinking about Capital Punishment

Consider a worked example using the ‘ethical cycle’.

Session 6:  A time to die…  Thinking about Euthanasia

Consider a worked example using the ‘ethical cycle’.

Session 7:  Beating swords into ploughshares…  Thinking about Nuclear Weapons

A group exercise using the ‘ethical cycle’.

Session 8:  Making Decisions as Disciples

Explore the distinctive nature of ethical decision making as a member of a local church.

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