Caring as God’s People

Caring as God’s People: Introduction to Pastoral Care

An opportunity to explore the practice of pastoral care within the local church, developing some practical skills necessary as compassionate and sensitive pastoral carers.

Session 1: General Introduction to Pastoral Care.

Defining pastoral care.

Session 2: The Gift of Attention

Listening skills; considering the gift and effort of attention

Session 3: The Example of Jesus

What God might want for us; independence in and with relationships.

Session 4: Seeing Life as a Journey

Exploring stages of loss; making connections between our own life experience and pastoral care.

Session 5: Handling Other People’s Stories

The power of stories; the discipline of confidentiality; when and how to refer.

Session 6: Working with Feelings

The role of feelings in pastoral care; relationship between acceptance and judgement.

Session 7: Caring for the Carer

Includes appropriate boundaries; carers’ own response to pastoral encounter; importance of support for the carer.

Session 8: God as the Carer of Us All

Models of pastoral care in different church contexts; caring and themes from scripture.

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