Being, Showing, Telling

Being, Showing, Telling: Church, Mission and Evangelism

This module reflects on the work and witness of the local church against the background of the wider mission of God in the world.  It considers the purpose and means of evangelism, exploring the basis for church engagement with the local community.  It will pay particular attention to the context of the participants.

Session 1: What is Mission?

Reflect on how we understand mission and evangelism in the twenty-first century.

Session 2: The Bible and Mission

What happens to our understanding of mission when the whole of the Bible is read as a mission text?

Session 3: Who is Mission for?

Who are we targeting in mission and evangelism?

Session 4: So what does this mean?

The context of mission today in the twenty-first century.

Session 5: Being, Showing, Telling

Mission, Evangelism and Social Action in the local church.

Session 6: Witness

Recognising our story and telling your story.

Session 7: Evaluating Mission

How do we begin to evaluate materials and processes available for mission activities in the local church?

Session 8: So Where to Now?

The Mission of God and the local church

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