Preparing for ordination

Ministerial training Training is available on a full-time (up to 4 years) and part-time (up to 6 years) basis.  At NBLC this training is made up of the following core elements

Academic Learning

A core component of any training programme leading to accreditation is the study of theology for a Diploma/Foundation Degree.  At undergraduate level the degrees we offer are validated by the University of Chester.  At postgraduate level degrees are validated by the University of Manchester.

For more information about academic courses contact Glen Marshall

Church Placement

Usually within a Baptist church where you will gain extensive experience and the necessary skills to prepare you for your future ministry. Different placement models are available. (Two examples are here>>>)

For more information about church placements contact Glen Marshall

Personal, Spiritual and Professional Development

The College will provide you with strong support structures and many other learning opportunities to ensure that your relationships with God and with others grow through the training process.

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