About us

The Northern Baptist Learning Community (NBLC) serves the churches of the northern half of England. We provide training and formation for mission and ministry. Based in Manchester at Luther King House we belong to an ecumenical partnership with four other theological colleges. All our degrees, from BA through MA and MPhil to PhD, are validated by the University of Manchester. We also work closely with the churches and associations in our region providing short courses and bespoke learning programmes designed to meet local needs.

We have a rich history of innovation and creativity having pioneered congregation-based patterns of training, ecumenical theological education and an approach to learning that is committed to academic excellence and rooted in the real world.

We are friendly and flexible, tailoring education programmes to meet each student’s needs, gifts and calling. NBLC graduates go on to serve God as church planters, pastors, community ministers, local church leaders and much more.

NBLC cannot do this work alone. We depend on all sorts of important partnerships: with churches, Associations, other denominations and networks, Church Leaders and individuals. Please contact us and tell us how we can work together with you.

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